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In addition to being very accessible, Stand up paddle (SUP) also brings many benefits to the body as well as the spirit. It's a real makeover and fun to share on the water.
Stand up paddle (SUP) beginners, you want to throw yourself in the water and take your first steps on the board? We will help you to prepare your equipment and advise on best practices to start safely.
Tarun Goel is a full-time traveller. Growing up in the mountains, hiking comes naturally to him. After years of wandering in the Himalayas, he is now ready to share his knowledge of the mountains and its needs.
As much as camping is fun it can also be full of challenges and if you decide to venture out alone, challenges can increase even more. We’ve heard many time, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The mountains literally teach us that.
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While you might have preferred chess, your child has decided to hit the ground rolling on skates or a scooter? To ease your worries and keep boo-boos at bay, follow our 3-in-1 protection guide.
skating helmet
When skating, your helmet is an absolute must for safety, whether it's a freestyle, roller derby or fitness skating. Find out how to choose your skating helmet.