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Autumn is the perfect season for going on a family cycle ride. We’ve gathered 5 useful tips on what you need to prepare before setting off.
Your diving mask is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your diving kit.Take a look at the different types of diving masks and learn how to pick the right one!
The pandemic has shut the world from going outside. Being outside now comes with the obligation of wearing a mask and maintaining social distance. For us all, it has been a shift from our day-to-day lives to staying home for safety and good health. For those who used to hit the gym or exercise daily, it has not been easy. You must be missing the feeling of sweating out calories as you run on the road or treadmill. If your neighbourhood is spacious enough to accommodate you with a run, you should take proper precautions before, during, and after heading out for a run during the pandemic.
Fast hiking - A whole new way to experience the mountains
Fast Hiking, aka Speed Hiking, is a mix of hiking and trail running. The pace is faster than walking, but slower than running. For speed hikers, taking in the scenery is their goal, rather than just pursuing speed. As an extended challenge to their usual hiking pace, it is more intense and dynamic.
Massage ball
Recovery exercise after sports, more advanced than stretching. Let former Hong Kong Athletics team representative Eric Yeung Hoi Chun introduce the usage of massage tools!