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Open water swimming and swimming in the pool are totally two kinds of experience. As such, the open water swimming training plan can be hugely different from the training methods you used to use in the pool. In this article, we are going to introduce 3 training plans for swimming lovers at different practice levels.
In Hong Kong, there are lots of beautiful and easily accessible beaches. How to choose the right beach to go to for your first open water swimming experience? Here we list out the Top 5 beaches that are suitable for swimming in Hong Kong.
Trainings to make a swimming comeback
Apart from choosing the suitable swimming material, what you should do to get back to the pool after a long pause? We have listed out the possible swimming plans from the professional swimming coach for your first swimming practice.
Massage ball
Recovery exercise after sports, more advanced than stretching. Let former Hong Kong Athletics team representative Eric Yeung Hoi Chun introduce the usage of massage tools!
A swim in the chilly sea on Christmas Day or New Year's Day has become a tradition for thousands of people in the globe. In fact, hundreds of Hong Kong swimmers also participate in the New Year’s Day swim every year. They see this festive swim as good luck and prepare both mental and physical health for the new year. If you are thinking of joining them this New Year, here are the risks!
When choosing sports shoes, football, running, basketball and tennis have completely different requirements on the upper. After all, the upper of football shoes will contact with the ball and must have certain durability. However, there are so many kinds of football uppers. What should I pay attention to when I buy them?
When it comes to running, first, you need to choose the right pair of running shoes. People tend to think that the costliest shoes from top brands are the best. This is a huge misconception. You should choose the pair which fit your feet, your stride and your running style perfectly. A wrong pair of running shoes will make you feel uncomfortable and you could end up with painful ankles, heels or shin pain.