Cross Training | 4 basic elastic training band exercises at home

Elastic band is a very good beginner friendly tool to start weight training ! Here are 4 basic exercises of using elastic band to train up your muscles and strength.

Decathlon offers different levels of elastic bands, so you can choose your own suitable bands to achieve your fitness goal!


training band - squat

1. Squat  

- Difficulty levels : ***

- Target muscles:Glutes & legs muscle groups 

- Breakdown:Feet are shoulder-width apart and step on the side of the band firmly. Loop the other side on the top of your shoulders and cross your arms in front of each other to keep the band in place. Keep your back straight when squatting up and down.

2. Romanian deadlift

- Difficulty levels : ***

- Target muscles:Glutes & Hamstring muscle groups 

- Breakdown:Step on to the middle of the band firmly and grab both sides of the band. Chest up and keep your back straight the whole time. Bend your knees slightly and drive your hips backward until you feel your glutes and hamstring a bit intense. Forcefully contract your glutes and drive them forward again.

training band


3. Biceps curl  

- Difficulty levels : **

- Target muscles:Bicep muscles

- Breakdown:Feet are shoulder-width apart and step on the side of the band firmly. Hold the other side and palms facing upward. Slowly curl your hands up toward your shoulders, squeezing your biceps. Keep your elbows tight and stable.



training band

4. Triceps extension 

- Difficulty levels : **

- Target muscles:Tricep muscles

Stand with one foot slightly in front of the other and step on side of the band under the back foot firmly.

Grab the other side, palms facing upward and keep your elbows close to the side of your head.  Straight up your front arms above the top of your head together  .

Slowly going back and keep your elbows tight and stable the whole time.



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