Hiking | How to dry your hiking shoes and socks?

It is hard to avoid getting wet when hiking in the wet season. Even if you wear excellent waterproof hiking shoes, rain pants are pulled up while your legs are moving, rain drops will slide into your shoes along rain pants. Or you may step into a puddle, causing the whole shoe and socks getting wet. If you need to wear the same shoes and socks to carry on the journey on the next day, how should we dry the wet shoes and socks?

How to dry your hiking shoes & socks?

1. Absorbs moisture with newspaper

Use newspaper to dry hiking shoes

Crush the newspaper into a ball shape and put it into the wet hiking shoes. Newspapers absorb moisture very well and can speed up the drying process. If the hiking shoes are too wet, wrap the hiking shoes with more newspaper to speed up the absorption of water.

2. Speed up evaporation with a hot water bottle

How to dry hiking shoes

Pour hot water into the bottle, put it into the shoe, and wrap the hiking shoe with a plastic bag to isolate it from wet and cold air outside. After 30-60 minutes, water vapour from the shoe will condense on the plastic bag. Your shoes are getting dry now!


Tips : Remember to choose a water bottle which can withstand high temperatures!

Aluminium bottle is more suitable for hot water, but be aware of the hot surface!

3. Dry socks with a hot water bottle


Same as drying shoes - pour hot water into the bottle, put the hot water bottle into the wet socks and wait for them to dry.


Tips:Socks contains wool are not suitable to dry with this way, the socks may shrink due to high temperature!

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