4 Fun facts about grass court tennis championships

The game which began in 1877 has been famous for its tradition: white clothing for all players, grass court, no hats/men shorts allowed for audience and eating strawberries and cream while watching the game. Let's explore them below.

4 fun facts about Grass Court Tennis Championships

Players: wearing full set of white clothing

White, meaning purity, is the theme colour for Grass Court Tennis Championships. Since 1963 the Association has stated that all players need to wear full set of white clothing including underwear, as the sweat causing difference in brightness when wearing different colours would affect the impression. Even Roger Federer needs to comply with this rule, as he was asked to change shoes with orange sole to continue playing in the 2013 game.


The only grass court in the "big four" tennis tournaments

Grass Court Tennis Championships is the only "Big Four" tournament with grass court after US and Australian Tournaments changed to hard surface. With the finals held in Central Court, the game is always delayed due to usual rain in London, which becomes a tradition.


Audience: no hats or men shorts allowed

Audience does not need to follow strict dress code like players', but there are other rules as well: they cannot wear hats as it will block others from watching the game, and men cannot wear shorts which is considered as disrespect.


Eating straberries and cream while watching game

Eating strawberries and cream while watching the Championships has been the tradition since the first Championships was held, with fresh strawberries transported from Kent every early morning.

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