Fitness | Sliders Training With Joemary

Always think it is difficult to strengthen your core and shape up? Not really, let's train with Joemary with our sliders at home!

single leg curl

1. Single Leg Slider Bridge Curl

Breakdown: Lay on the ground and bending your knees 90 degree. Focus on the glutes and core when pushing up. Push until back, glutes and thighs are straight then slide out one foot. No arching back the whole time!

3. Pike

Breakdown: Start in elbow plank position and raise your hips up as high as possible. Use the sliders to bring you lower body toward your chest.


2. Spiderman slide

Breakdown: Start in plank position and slide your knee upward to your elbow. No arching back!

4. Bear plank slide

Breakdown: Start in straight arm plank position. Use the sliders to bring you knees toward your chest and back.

Bear plank slide

Want to train outdoor? no problem

These discs have 2 sides and you can exercises on any type of floor surface.