tennis home challenge

Tennis offcourt training

When you are not on court, you can still use some equipment to continue your tennis training offcourt.

You can divide your training into 2 sessions:

1. tennis fun challenge
2. real workout to improve your skills

Fun challenge: dash and grab

How to play?

1. Prepare 5-6 tennis equipment e.g. grip, dampener, ball, marking cup, marking cone. Place them on the floor. Place 1 of them in the furthest front.
2. Put yourself in a push-up position.
3. Ask a partner for help. When he/she speaks the equipment name, you have to touch it while keeping at your position.
4. When he/she speaks the name of the furthest equipment, get up and run around it. After that go back and return to your push-up position.

You can also play with others! Both of you stay in push-up position, and ask another person for help. When that person calls an equipment name, the one who touches faster wins.

What does it train?
This challenge strenthens your core and upper body, which helps increase your stroke power.

Tennis | Offcourt Tennis Workout

Bin shot challenge

How to play?
1. Get a tennis racket, a ball and a rubbish bin. 
2. Face yourself opposite to the wall. Place the bin between you and the wall.
3. Try to strike the ball into the bin by hitting it on the wall. 

What does it train?
The bin shot challenge trains your shot accuracy in a small area. We recommend a junior racket of 23 inches or below which is lighter and smaller for best performance in small areas and preventing from breaking things at home. Also you can choose a pressureless learning ball as it is softer and with less bounce.

bin challenge

Tennis drill: footwork

How to play?
1. Prepare 4 tennis balls. Put them into 4 corners so they make up a square/rectangular position.
2. Stand in the centre of the balls.
3. Move diagonally and touch each ball once. Walk back to the centre before your next movement.

What does it train?
This drill trains your footwork, which increases your agility when you move around the court. To enhance performance and prevent injury, you should wear a pair of light and fitting tennis shoes with thick injected EVA foam midsole for good cushioning.

footwork drill

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