Racket Sports | Your Partner In Tennis | Decathlon Teammate's Story

Racket Sports | Your Partner In Tennis | Decathlon Teammate's Story

In addition to offering an extensive range of tennis products, our Decathlon Racket Sports Team prides itself on having a group of passionate sports l


Tennis Decathlon Artengo and Gaël Monfils | Discover the new adventure

Introduce Gaël Monfils, our new Artengo ambassador for shoes, rackets and apparel. A collaboration of human and sport, an alliance for performance.


Beach Tennis | Start your sports journey with a emerging sports

Have you ever thought about playing tennis on beaches? Beach Tennis, over 500,000 players worldwide, has set off a wave of emerging sports in Hong Kong.

3m easy set

Racket Sports | Easy to install equipment for Home & Outdoor Workouts

Keep training offcourt with our compact and easy to use gear including whether you cannot book a court or face court closure!

tennis home challenge

Tennis | Offcourt Tennis Workout

Continue your tennis drill at home even when there are no courts!


Tennis | 4 fun facts about Grass Court Tennis Championships

Discover the fun facts about the British game!

How To Choose Your Tennis Bag?

Tennis | How To Choose Your Tennis Bag?

Choose the most suitable tennis bag to play tennis more conveniently!

How to choose your kids' tennis shoes?

Tennis | How to choose your kids' tennis shoes?

Choosing a good pair of tennis shoes for your kids can help elevate their performance on court and most importantly, prevent injuries!

How to choose your tennis balls?

Tennis | How to choose the suitable tennis balls for your level/need?

Occasional or intensive play? A pressureless or a pressurised ball? Making your choice of tennis balls is an important moment in your pursuit of the sport.


Tennis | 7 reasons for kids to learn tennis! Kid’s racket choosing guide

Learning tennis for kids is beneficial to their learning and growth journey, with the training of stamina and brain function!

How to choose the best tennis racket

Tennis | How to choose a tennis racket, grip size and headsize

Here are the tips on how to choose a tennis racket based on playing frequency, grip size, and headsize to improve your game.

tennis string type and tension

Tennis | Choose the right string type and tension for your racket

Explore how to choose the right string and tension to suit your playing style and needs.

restring tennis racket

Tennis | When should you restring your racket?

Don't wait until the strings breaking to restring, or you may injure! Restring when you lose ball control, to maintain playing consistency.

recover after tennis

Tennis | How to recover your body after playing tennis?

It is easy to get pains or even injuries if you don't relax your muscle after practice/competition. Stretching and massaging are crucial to relieve and strengthen your muscle so you can recover faster and prepare for the next training/competition!

tennis at home training

Tennis | Live Playback - "Tennis Anywhere" Training

Train your volley, ball control, topspin, footwork and even serving just using a wall!